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Our Team.

Let our coaches share their passionate and help you reach your fitness goals!

Elliot Grace

Owner & Head Coach

Elliot is the owner, head coach and programmer here at Crossfit Verge.  With a burning passion for Crossfit that ignited at the age of 14, Elliot's personal fitness journey began as he trained alongside his cousin, fueling his determination to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

With ten years of dedicated practice, Elliot's expertise in Crossfit has granted him an exceptional understanding of the physical and mental challenges that individuals face on their fitness journeys. He possesses a remarkable ability to inspire and motivate others, instilling in them the confidence to push their boundaries and surpass their own expectations.


Driven by a deep-rooted belief that embarking on a fitness journey is vital for attaining longevity and overall well-being, Elliot has made it his mission to guide and support others in achieving their fitness and health goals. As he completes his Masters in Chiropractic Science, he combines his extensive knowledge in the field with a decade of experience in Crossfit to provide a holistic approach to fitness.


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